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Front and Rear Speaker Removal presently not available.
Acura Car Audio - Wire Diagrams - Wire Color Codes
Aftermarket stereo installation? Why purchase the aftermarket wire harness? Installation is easier, no guess work with wire color codes and a Headache Saver! Factory wire colors codes are not universal. See Aftermarket Videos above.
We discourage cutting the factory wire harness.
This section aids in troubleshooting and determining wire color codes, phasing for speaker hook up, locating power wires for installing external devices and add-ons.
Wire Color Codes and Installation 1986 - 1998
Battery +12 volts constant White/Yellow Stripe or White/Blue Stripe
Accessory +12 volts switch Yellow/Red Stripe
Ground Black
Illumination Red
Dimmer Red/Black Stripe
Power Antenna Yellow/White Stripe
Left Front Speaker (+) Blue/Green Stripe
Left Front Speaker (-) Gray/Black Stripe
Right Front Speaker (+) Red/Green Stripe
Right Front Speaker (-) Brown/Black Stripe
Left Rear Speaker (+) Blue/Yellow Stripe
Left Rear Speaker (-) Gray/White Stripe
Right Rear Speaker (+) Red/Yellow Stripe
Right Rear Speaker (-) Brown/White Stripe
Diagram may not be 100% accurate for your vehicle.

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