Porsche Car Audio - Radio, Speaker an Amp Removal

Repairing Fiber Optic Cable

See your year and model for removal and DIY help.

Speaker Phasing
Installing Aftermarket Speakers and Proper Hook-up
  Porsche Boxster
How to Remove Porsche Boxster Car Radio Instruction Guide '97-05
Car Stereo Removal

Front Dash Speaker Removal
Front Door Panel Speaker Removal
Rear Deck Speaker Removal
  Porsche Cayenne
Nissan 350z Bose Amplifier Repair Car Radio and How to Remove and Install COMMON Bose Sub Amplifier Problems
Bose Subwoofer intermittent over bumps, works after warm up... See REPAIR.
  Porsche 911 Carerra
How to Remove Porsche 911 Carrera Car Radio Instruction Guide '03-04
Car Stereo Removal
Porsche 911 Car Radio Removal and Replacement '90-98
Car Stereo Removal
Amplifier Removal

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