Removing Infiniti I30 / I35 Bose Car Stereo Do It Yourself
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Infiniti I30 / I35 Front Speaker Removal Guide
Removing and Replacing Speakers

Infiniti I30 / I 35 How to Remove Front Speaker

How to Remove and Replace Speakers 1.1) Remove screw cover from door pull pocket and remove exposed screw.
Removing and Replacing Speakers 2.1) Pry up back edge of control panel first.
2.2) Release front edge by pulling panel to back.
How to Remove and Replace Speakers 3.1) Disconnect control panel connectors.
Removing and Replacing Speakers 4.1) Remove screw cover and exposed screw.
How to Remove and Replace Speakers 5.1) Remove trim ring from door open handle.
Removing and Replacing Speakers 6.1) Remove door panel from bottom, releasing clips.
6.2) Lift door panel up out of window jam.
How to Remove and Replace Speakers 7.1) Disconnect courtesy light connector from door panel.
7.2) Disconnect seat memory and adjustment connector from door panel.
Removing and Replacing Speakers 8.1) Four screws secure BOSE speaker to door.
Infiniti I30 / I35 Bose Subwoofer and Amplifier Removal
Bose Speaker Replacement and Removal

Hot to Remove Bose Subwoofer Speaker and Amplifier

Bose Speaker Replacement and Removal 1.1) Gently pry closest edge of speaker grill up releasing clips.
1.2) Pull Bose speaker grill forward releasing rear hooks.
Bose Speaker Replacement and Removal 2.1) Remove four screws securing Bose Subwoofer and amplifier to rear package shelf.
Bose Speaker Replacement and Removal 3.1) From trunk, disconnect connector from Bose subwoofer, push Bose subwoofer speaker from opening.

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