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Speakers cut out over bumps or no audio?

A common problem, speaker may short sending audio amplifier into protection and shutting down, loud static may also occur. Check this out before troubleshooting and replacing amplifier or stereo.
From trunk, inspect connectors at rear speakers. If connectors are secure more troubleshooting is needed. If one or both connectors are loose, a short may occur when the un-insulated wires from speaker cone to connector contacts metal. Items placed into trunk may dislodge connector from mount. Return connector to mount. If connector or mount is broken, wire tie or tape. Verify braided wires are not shorted.

Amplifier location and removal
If your looking for the amplifier, depending on the audio system, try under front passenger's seat. Move seat forward, access two mounting screws on floor back of seat. Move seat backwards, access two mounting screws on floor front of seat. Disconnect amplifier and remove.
Car Stereo, Front and Rear Speaker Removal presently not available.
Speaker Phasing
Installing Aftermarket Speakers and Proper Hook-up
With aftermarket stereo installation?
Erratic Volume Control
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