Ferrari and Maserati Car Stereo Repair
Ferrari - Maserati ASK Hi-Fi Amplifier - Made in Italy
Ask Amplifier
Maserati Ask Amplifier Repair, Factory Car Stereo Repair, Inc.

Distorted or no audio, missing channels, snap then pop sound is gone and others, repair $600 with One Year Warranty.
SHIPPING PAGE before sending for repair.
184680 - 7204103000
185975 - 7204106000
188900 - 7204108000
193476 - 7204102000 and others


SONY XR-F20 Stereo Repair DIY


Ferrari 550 Troubleshooting NO POWER

Car Stereo Removal


NO AUDIO with Aftermarket Radio Installation


Wire Color Codes for SONY and Other Aftermarket Stereos

See your MAKE and MODEL for
Car Stereo Removal.


Loss of Bass with Aftermarket Speaker Installation and PHASING

Ferrai - 550 Maranello and others
Sony XR-F20
Ferrari Sony Car Stereo Repair

NO POWER - See DIY above.
No tape -
cracked and deteriorating plastic gears and plates. Parts no longer available. NO Repair.

Maserati Quattroporti Car Stereo Repair

Face sticky and deteriorating? We have heard this can be repaired, not by our repair facility. NO repair.

Maserati Quattroporti
BP1-ROM / 3160-0003382-01 / AD 08 0474

2002 Ferrari with Traffic Pro Navigation / Becker Car Stereo AM/FM/CD w/CD changer add-on.
Ferrari 550 Maranello with Sony
Ferrari Car Stereo Removal and Installation Instructions

TROUBLESHOOTING for No Power! Older Ferrari's have Sony Car stereos installed in the USA.
For No Power...

  1. Check two fuses, (1)Constant +12v and (2)Switched +12v with ign. Bad fuse, you may have the problem.
  2. Fuses good... Remove car stereo. Check for in-line plastic fuse holders, one end may be cracked and not allowing good connection - replace fuse holder with same value fuse.
  3. Fuse holders good or possibly not present behind stereo. With Ohm Meter, check radio case to ground. Good ground, in Volt DC function, use case for ground and check Yellow (1) and Red (2) wires at back of stereo. Black wire is ground.
  4. One or both voltages missing at back of car stereo. Trace Yellow and Red wires under carpet down right side of center console to the floor. Look for "Scotch Locks", they are used to connect two separate wires together. (have you seen missing lights on boat trailers? Used here too). Remove, hardwire and wrap for better connections.
  5. Powers check good at back of stereo.
    Question first, when testing voltages at back of radio, was Case Ground or Original Ground used from step 3? Case Ground used and both powers present, this is a bad stereo, replace. Original Ground was used and both powers present? For fun, in Volts function using Original Ground, touch Case Ground with lead, meter should read 0v. *Rare occasions, +12v is present on case, check Ground (Black) wire along with power wires under carpet.

All Ferrari stereos seen in shop have been Alpine, Sony or Blaupunkt. We presently do not have a large enough data base to list common problems with these systems. They are aftermarket stereos.

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